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lockdown in las vegas  


staying at a home formerly owned by gladys knight, kitty has been

on lockdown in las vegas since march. she's enjoyed having time to

write and paint (see kitty's art page here). kitty is hoping to

remain in vegas until july 2020 when travel should be easier.

kitty has enjoyed photographing the nevada landscapes

and seeing las vegas at its quietest time ever in history!

her artworks and photographs of the experience

will be UPLOADED TO her arts website. BUT FOR NOW -



See kitty's art/ORIGINAL MUSIC projects on facebook HERE: artbybeverleyG      

kitty plans to release a solo album of her original compositions in 2020.

Recording for the album began in january at shoebox studios, south London.

Due to the pandemic, several dates have been cancelled including all VE celebrations in May.

If you booked a date with us directly in 2020

please get in touch at: info@kittysmusic.biz or  through the agency you've used for booking.

Zoom one hour performances are offered at

this time whilst group restrictions are in place.