Here's some encouraging words from folks who have enjoyed their learning experience!

Having, at the age of seventy, recently taken up the saxophone; it was with great delight that I discovered the Sax for Fun workshop. I have greatly enjoyed the sessions to date. Evenings in which I was able to meet new friends, play some jazz and learn a great deal. Our gifted leader has a nice talent for making newcomers feel at ease and part of a real band. Young or old, you will enjoy no greater experience than making music.


I have been learning jazz with Bev for about a year.  It has been a great experience, she is positive, patient and always encourages even when what is coming out of your instrument is nothing like music!  I have tried not to miss any of her lessons because they have kept me going through all the dark patches that you go through when learning especially when some say you are too old to learn.  Don't believe them it sometimes seems that it takes a bit longer, don't worry Bev will always help you through.  Little extras that Bev does is to arrange performances at various venues from busking in the bay to having a few minutes at her band performances, well worth trying.


Learn to play an instrument. It’s one of those things that should be near or on the top of everyone’s to-do list. For me and a number of others in the class, we decided the coolest instrument out there is the Saxophone, so that’s the direction we took and how we came to meet up in SaxforFun. Most of us could just about put out a slow 3 blind mice at this time but things have moved on since then. I’ve now been playing for 3 and a half years and we have been entertaining the public when going out and playing with Bev for at least one of those. That’s quite a thing when you think about it. Just from this class I/we can confidently play around 50 Jazz and Blues tracks and are not afraid to do a little improvisation when required. When I started out I had never read music or played an instrument and was unaware of all the excellent Jazz and Blues music out there. I’m learning a lot of new stuff and I’m having a great time. We’re far from the finished article as you can imagine but being able to put a smile on the faces of complete strangers is quite a buzz and I think we are all in it for the long haul now. M.Weeks


For those that persevere, I guarantee you that a couple of years from now you will be wishing you had started doing this earlier.


Mark W

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I'm not sure how I stumbled upon Saxforfun, but have to say it was the best stumbling I have ever done. I have been attending Bev,s workshops on a weekly basis for the past 2 years, and she has slowly guided me into the world of Jazz, Swing and Blues. Including improvisation ! She is always encouraging everyone to push the boundaries and enjoy the music and the instrument. I have made some very good friends in the group, where everyone supports and encourages each other. Bev has also arranged a number of performances for the group to play at, something which we all dread, but secretly love !

So if you're thinking of taking up an instrument, my advice is

GO FOR IT ! You will not look back - John

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